Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Providence Mob Tour?

The Providence Mob Tour is a walking Mafia history exploration of Providence's historic Federal Hill neighborhood.  The tour lasts an hour and a half to two hours, depending upon the speed that each group walks and the number of questions the group may have.  The tour is led by a guide, AKA "Tour Don", and we begin our tour with our "Mob Tour Induction Ceremony" during which, the Tour Don will give everyone on the tour a Mob Name (nom de guerre) for the day's tour. Then we are off for a walk through historic Federal Hill where your Tour Don will take you to the sights of some of the Mafia's crimes and hangouts, including the former headquarters of the New England Mafia. 

Where does the tour begin and end? 

Tours begin and end at Garibaldi Square,

99 Atwells Ave., Providence, RI.  

We suggest arriving 10 to 15 minutes

before your tour's scheduled start time,

so that you have time to park, get settled,

and check in with your guide.  

How long is the Providence Mob Tour?

The tour lasts an hour and a half to two hours, depending upon the speed at which each group travels, how crowded the streets might be and the number of questions the group might have for the guide.  Some groups move more quickly, some groups more slowly.

How far will we be walking?

The Providence Mob Tour route is approximately 1.2 miles. 

What are the walking conditions like?

Providence Mob Tour begins and ends in a public park and then travels public sidewalks and streets.  There are no steep hills or staircases to climb, just a neighborhood that slopes gradually. Providence Mob Tour has no control over the condition of the terrain. Sidewalks and streets could be under construction  during the tour, but most probably, will not. We move at a comfortable pace and guides work hard to remain attuned to the pacing needs of their group.  Most people are able to complete the tour easily.

Where should I park?

Providence Mob Tour begins and ends at Garibaldi Square, 99 Atwells Ave., Providence, RI. There is plenty of on-street parking on Atwells Ave and other adjacent streets.  On busy nights (weekends- especially in October, Waterfire nights, other event nights), there may be less parking available.  There is a paid parking lot "365 Parking" located at 38 Atwells Ave, Providence, RI 02903. Plan accordingly and leave yourself a little extra time.  

What should I wear?

Providence Mob Tour is an outdoor event.  It is a WALKING history tour.  We recommend comfortable, supportive shoes.  For clothing, please look at the weather for the day of your tour and wear what will be comfortable.  If it looks like there might be a little rain, bring an umbrella. 

Are there bathrooms at the park or along the route?

No.  There are no restrooms at Garibaldi Square, where the tour begins and ends.  There are no public bathrooms along the route.  We suggest going to the bathroom before arriving.  

Are there mosquitoes or other insect pests to worry about?

Providence Mob Tour is an outdoor walking history tour.  While Providence is a city, there may be mosquitoes in the summer and into the fall.  Although the Federal Hill neighborhood is better than others, we recommend bringing an insect repellent just in case.  

Can I pay for my tour in person, instead of online?

Providence Mob Tour makes EVERY effort to accommodate in-person purchasers.  However, we can in no way guarantee availability.  Walk-up purchasers are on a first-come, first-serve basis, but are entirely subject to availability.  We do sell out. 

Walk-up pricing is as follows: $30 per adult purchase, $15 per child (age 5 years old to age 13 years old). We do not have a portable credit card device.  Walk-up purchases can only be accepted in cash.  There is no ATM at the park, so please plan ahead.

Is the tour acceptable for children?

Providence Mob Tour is a well-researched, factual historical account of Mafia activities in the City of Providence.  We will be discussing topics such as mafia murders and other criminal activity including graphic descriptions of some of the crimes so, we do not think it is an appropriate topic for young children. It is up to the parent's discretion if the topic may be inappropriate for your particular child.

May I bring my pet on the tour?

Providence Mob Tour is a pet friendly tour!  All we require is that animals are safe, do not inhibit another person's experience, are not aggressive, are kept on a six foot leash, and that pet parents clean up after them.  

What if there is bad weather on the night of my tour?

Safety is a top priority.  We do cancel tours when the weather is unsafe.  We categorize unsafe weather as weather that comes with warnings; i.e thunder and lightning, extreme rain, extreme winds, extreme temperatures, any kind of a storm that has a name, and anything involving frozen precipitation.  When we have to cancel a tour, we do so with as much notice as possible.  We will post on our Facebook and via email to all ticket holders.  We then offer to issue you a full refund OR to reschedule your tour.  

There are times when folks are not as comfortable with the weather as we are.  We do give the tour in the rain, in mild and moderate wind, and in the cold.  If you would like to reschedule your tour, you are welcome to do so.  We do not offer a refund in these circumstances.

What if I miss my tour or need to reschedule?

We allow one rescheduled tour.  You need to call or email us prior to your tour.  If you don't let us know ahead of time, you forfeit your tickets.  But if you do let us know, you may select any other public tour date and we will just transfer your tickets.  It is a one-time deal, so really be sure you want that second date.  You have one week to make a decision, as long as you reached out prior to the time of your tour.  In the event that you no-show your tour, we will not refund or transfer your tickets.


I am running late for my tour. What do I do?

If you are running late for your tour, please call the company office at 617-201-0105.  They will verbally direct you to where the group should be.  If you are more than half an hour late, we will probably suggest you transfer your tickets to another day so you get the full effect and can really enjoy your tour.  

May I bring a camera?

Yes. The Federal Hill neighborhood is a great place to enjoy photography! It is a historic neighborhood with some great scenery. Feel free to send your pics to us or post them on our Facebook page.  

Do you offer private tours?

Yes. Providence Mob Tour LOVES doing private tours!  The tour provides a very unique view of the city of Providence. We work with you to create the right tour for your group.  We have flexibility regarding the start time and the length of the tour. Please contact us via e-mail to plan and schedule your private tour!